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The Building

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Palazzo Camozzini B&B is at the 1st floor (the “noble floor”) of the historic building “Palazzo Camozzini”, an hidden gem in the heart of Verona.

The main hall or ball room is the most striking of all the rooms.

The large space surrounded with the colors of the Neoclassic frescoed walls and the traditional Venetian floors all transport guests back in their minds to luxurious nineteenth-century balls.

The monochrome frescoes represent Heroes and Gods from Ancient Greece and Rome, placed in niches alternated with Corinthian columns. The ceiling is a stormy sky framed with circles that contain the portraits of the great poets and prose writers from the classic period.

This is location that allows guests to experience the evocative atmosphere of a historic residence, carefully furnished with the elegance of the time, where every single detail enhances the visual impact.